Sunday, November 25, 2007

TeaParty07 Predictions

Some thoughts on the upcoming "Ron Paul Tea Party" (December 16th):

-Already over 20,000 subscribers (11/25).

-It'll be interesting to see whether it's going to keep losing steam (decelerating) as it is doing now, or whether there'll be a spike or at least an acceleration upwards in the days leading up to the deadline.

-Since Ron Paul supporters haven't disappointed me yet, I'm going to throw my weight behind the idea that we'll see a pretty strong upward trend as it gets close to detonation time. The campaign is putting a bit of a damper on things, however, with its plea for IMMEDIATE donations and its warnings that we cannot "afford to wait for bursts of press activity.

-I think people will donate now, to please Mr. Money Bydlak at the campaign, and they will still donate again come money bomb time. I feel like the supporters still have a lot left in them. This fight is not nearly over.

-As for the numbers: If we see some sexy polling numbers in the next 2 weeks (like a 10% in N.H., 10% Nevada, and maybe a few 7% national poll results), I think people will money bomb the HELL out of December 16th to a level that will blow people's minds. Like, maybe the graph will show something exciting like 35,000 subscribers, but the event itself will drop an even more boggling 7 MIL into the campaign's coffers. Optimistic? Sure. But realistic, considering how passionate supporters are.

-The snowball is accelerating down the mountain. The question is: "can we fix global warming so that it won't melt before it gets to the bottom?"

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