Monday, November 05, 2007

On being a "Ron Paul Shill", the 5th of November, and more

As I watch Ron Paul's fundraising ticker go through the roof today, the 5th of November, I'm searching for the media's reaction. Here's one article (from the National Ledger) that I felt inclined to vocally disagree with, being the Ron Paul Shill (or SpamBot, take your pick) that I am.

Ron Paul: Cash is King, On Pace for a $2M Day, But Will it Matter?

Here's what I wrote to Mr. Jackson, the article's author:

I would disagree with you that he's bad on television and in speeches. I would certainly agree with you that in general we've grown used to Obama-rhetoric as the model of what it means to be a good speech giver. But "audacity of hope" is nice, but boy is it unspecific. Have you watched the democratic debates? Have you heard Hillary attempt to give answers that will alienate her from no one? Would you call those "good answers?" Is she "good on TV?" The "rabid" and "wild-eyed" supporters that WE are, we actually prefer simple talk." Simple talk with a dose of historical awareness, two tablespoons of directness, a pinch of politeness, and a generous heapful of courage. That's all Ron Paul provides, and for many people, it's the best thing they see.

The author also believes that Ron Paul "won't crack 2.4 million" by the end of today. Hah. The mediaman has just become the Ron Paul fundraising analyst. Sir, I think I'm a bigger Ron Paul stat whore that you, so leave the projections to me. :-P It's currently 1:46 PM, and the day's total from 00:00 (midnight, 11/5) is above $2033K. We're 14 hours into this bomb raid, boys. Typically, Ron's donations pick up in the afternoon hours, all the way until 7 or 8 PM at least.

A lot of the RP SpamBots excitedly dropped their payloads last night at midnight, so we probably won't see the same proportional acceleration towards the evening, but it's going to move along at a healthy pace. I'm guessing, by 12:00 AM tonight CST there will be 3.5 to 4.0 mil. Which would easily be the biggest one day fundraising total for the primary cycle.

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