Thursday, July 21, 2005

Watching kids' shows as an adult (or even near adult) is wierd. When there's nothing to do in those oh so boring early afternoons, check out what PBS is showing. And, like, seriously watch an entire episode from beginning to end.

I just watched this show called ZOOM ( today. and it was really strange. The entire cast of the show is kids.... but if my lil tyke was basing his behavior on what he saw in this show, there's a chance he could turn out a bit strange.

Two of the girls have smiles so giant and forced that after about 10 seconds i start wondering how much pain they're in.

Don't get me wrong.. it's not a bad show, I actually rather enjoyed it.

There are kids of every possible ethnicity... goodbye are the days of "the cast is 4 white boys and girls and 1 black kid! yay, now the minorities will be happy!". Oh no, now we've got -- just to name a few -- Claudio, Estuardo, Francesco, Kaleigh, Keiko, Lynese, Maya, Pablo, and... Shingying!


I guess it's a good step, but I won't be happy until one of the characters on a kids' show is named KESTUTIS, bitches. Then, I'll finally feel like all minorities are included. ;)

Oh, and there's one kid who has to be gay... watch it, and see if you can figure out which one I'm talking about.

Not a bad thing necessarily... I guess a child's never too young to learn that in life, there are tops and there are bottoms.


Sunday, July 17, 2005

Ok, so here I am. At home, sitting by my PC, listening to Medesky Martin & Wood tease the limitations of sound, in the midst of cleaning my room. Ain't nothing like a good deep houseclean to really kill a good chunk of otherwise meaningless time!

I am currently in a meaningless time chunk, having quit the NY Film Academy 6-week summer program I was in. I stayed in NY for a total of 8 days, attended three full days (9-6) of classes, and by the time I had walked the short distance back to my dorm @ NYU on that third day, I had that feeling. I started searching the policies on early withdrawal and refunds online.

Luckily, I got the full tuition (a big chunk of cash) all back from the NYFA. A day and a half later I was on an airplane to Detroit, on my way to Camp Dainava. What was that feeling, you ask, that made me decide so abruptly and assertively to leave after only a week, and probably fuck over the members of my small group who were counting on me for the first film?

The thought of spending the next six weeks (almost exclusively) with the 16 kids of my class was quite depressing to me. I quickly saw that this program allowed little time for anything else besides itself. Weekends would be spent scouting locations, pre-prod. stuff, and shooting our films. Weeknights would be spent writing, setting up storyboards, brainstorming. And the kids were all so foreign, so scattered throughout manhattan (and who knows elsewhere), so on completely different pages socially, that it didn't take a genius to predict that few friendships would be forming here. And for me, the work was not rewarding enough to offset the social difficulties. I just didn't see this as my life's work.

And that's all for today, folks! Tune in next time for less wordy and more interesting reports!

Friday, July 15, 2005

Well guys, I did some thinking... People actually commented to my first post, which to me was surprising. I can't be responsible for these poor people being bored -- my concience won't let me do it. And that book review stuff, my friends, would be reeel boring for people who don't care about the books. So, I'm switching formats yet again, and just writing about whatever the hell I want. Now if you're bored by that, well then I'm sorry, you're just gonna have to leave.


And who knows, maybe i'll put up the reviews on a separate page, just for kicks... never know, someone could pass by who would be quite interested... can't deny them, now can I?