Monday, June 26, 2006

How could we have been so nerdy?

I just came back from wiki-surfing! This is what I saw:

Damn, they don't make magazine background gradients like they USED to!

I was meandering through some biographies of the world's wealthiest people and came across good ol' Bill Billy Gates here. The fact that Bill Gates was once this nerdy is no great surprise, but Time Magazine... how could Time Magazine have been this nerdy?

Jesus, it was only 20 years ago, but that magazine cover looks like an anthropological artifact.

I found these Wikis of extremely wealthy people interesting, both for the astounding facts they contained and for the amusing personalities of the writers of the articles. Warren Buffet is portrayed to be so classically American -- he filed his first income tax return at 13 - deducted his bike as a work expense. Bill Gates, on the other hand, seems a bit sickly -- like he took advantage of a fledgling, confused industry (computing) and weaseled around into just the right places to succeed. Mmm, slantastic.

Nonetheless, they are interesting accounts to read, to think about, to talk about. Warren Buffet seems like he could be the protagonist in an Ayn Rand novel. Though Ayn Rand probably wouldn't approve of the 39 billion Buffet just recently announced he would donate to charity, with most of that going to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Wikipedia has been expanding in all directions so damn fast that now it's kind of an awkward teenager. It is one hell of a creature though.


(more on various personal developments soon!)


Binti said...

The fact that we can now "surf the wiki" and that the wiki in question bears no resemblance whatsoever to water.... does indeed make us ghastly nerdy, my friend. :)

Carolyn said...

I like the reference to Wikipedia as a nerdy teenager. What happens when Wiki becomes pregnant down the line....

Kestutis said...

brit you are brilliant. and carolyn, wiki is a teenage boy, and thus could not become pregnant. when wiki finds his perfect girl, miss Thorough Bibliography of Sources, he shall infuse her with his youthful, open-source vitality, and she shall become pregnant, and she will bear him offspring and name it "Biblikipedia".