Friday, January 13, 2006

GREECE (Part 3 of a 3-part Series)

The photo above is from Santorini, taken in the evening. It gives a pretty good idea of a typical town on the island (if you've seen one, you've pretty much seen them all) -- A lot of small, white buildings (which almost hurt to look at in broad daylight) and steeply descending terrain. I guess the three-car garages must be hidden underground or something.

The beach at Naxos -- beautiful by virtue of its monotony. Swimming here feels like bathing in God's swimming pool. I went butt naked -- I figured God would think I was more of a badass if I went sans fig leaves. I have eaten of the tree of knowledge and I still have no shame. The water was cold, and the beach was filled with coppery naked old people. These folks had even less shame than I; I think even God may have winced seeing the old man doing calisthenics with the waves lapping at his ankles and his nutsack lapping at his knees.

This castle was built by the Venetians on Naxos several centuries ago when they controlled the Greek islands. Several nearby islands are visible from its windows. Now, it is a museum, as well as a performing space. We spent an evening there listening to traditional Greek music as the sun set, and were warned that we could not leave until the audience finished several hundred shots of various Greek liqueurs laid out before us. The music was good -- mostly performed by a fiddle accompanied by a lute. Also interesting was a burly, red-faced shepherd from the island who played a whiny, bagpipe-type instrument -- the diaphragm was made from the complete hide of one of his goats.


Bishai said...

kpaq your pictures are totally sick, I want the full resolution versions.

I wish I understood what it is with the european old people and the shameless exhibition. For every nubile athena one might chance upon, there's gonna be a sea of leathery saddlebags in the way.

linas said...

those pictures are pretty sweet there Kestuti!

Arius said...

Holy smokes, indeed, these are some fine photographs. DIdn't know you went to greece. Didn't know you changed majors again. Shit, don't know a lot about what's been goin' down. Will have to come back here mor e often, and keep track of st00ts st00ts0n.