Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Just a few shots from the beautiful Greek isles from this summer. The two seascapes are from Santorini, a small volcanic island most famous for its sunsets and its wine (there is almost no rainfall, I learned; the grape vines get nearly all of their water from the nightly dew).

The interior mountain landscape is on Naxos, a larger, more functional island. I know what you're thinking -- is that a "functional" road? Indeed, we drove around for hours on roads like this one, snaking back and forth between mountains, without really going very far as the crow flies. It was beautiful, though, and thrilling (God bless my dad and his nads of steel for navigating our teeny stickshift 6-person "minibus" through this landscape).

I say "functional" because Naxos is actually capable of sustaining itself without tourism -- the inhabitants even recently voted down a planned airport on the island to curb the tourist influx.

(My family and I visited Greece this summer -- These photos are from our digi album, taken by various family members.)

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AJC said...

Nice pics. I've recently grown pretty fond of scenery shots. I used to only take pictures on vacation of people with cool backgrounds.

I heard you're kicking some serious ass as MD and that XFest went over really well. Good stuff.

About the School of Music, from what I heard they were always anal about transfer students. For some reason, they seem to think that once you get beyond 18 you're past your prime. Screw 'em. Your name in and of itself is modern enough for any piece of manuscript paper out there.